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The shotgun range is closed for renovations. This will involve bringing in fill to expand the size of the range and leveling off the area.

We will be receiving a lot of fill and have plans on expanding some of the parking area also.

While this work is going on there will be no interruption in members’ use of the rifle and pistol ranges.

Everyone is asked to use caution while the trucks are entering and leaving the Club.


Members Handbook

The New Members’ Handbook has been completed and is now being issued to members. All members are required to have a copy and adhere to these policies and procedures.


Members Dues

All memberships end December 31st. New memberships paid between the September meeting and December 31St covers the balance of this year and all of next year.

Renewal memberships can be paid now and up to December 31st. You will have no interruption of membership.

Renewals made January 1st to April 1St are RENEWALS. After April 1St all memberships are NEW MEMBERSHIPS and require the $20.00 initiation fee.


Policies, Procedures and Security


It is required that each member must sign on and off any range they use. Each member must enter and exit by use of their own card. This allows tracking of range use for insurance purposes. Members that provide access to any range for another person (club member or non-club member) are in violation of policies and procedures and subject for membership review.