Deerfield Fish & Game Club

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11400 Cruikshank Road, Deerfield, New York 13502


The Deerfield Fish & Game Club was Established in 1957 by:

Bernie Kolwaite
John Kolwaite
Stan Kolwaite
Bernie Przelski
Joe Ruskey
Joe Sudol
Stan Sudol


Meetings are the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30 Pm.

               ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP 

 To be an active member you need to attend 5 meetings a year, Active members serve on the nominating committee and are the only members that can hold office, nominate active members for office and vote in the November election of officers.




Number of Visitors!


***** View of the Clubhouse *****

This is the View of the Clubhouse and Pavilion. Club meetings, Hunter Safety classes, Hand Gun and Rifle training and more activities are conducted here. A full Kitchen and 2 restrooms are available for members when using the ranges as well as during meetings and classes.